Lettuce talk about photography

Waaaaaaay back in 2008, I took a class in high school called ‘Visual Imagery’. In this class, we learned Adobe photoshop, darkroom picture development, digital photography, B & W photography, film photography, and studio with lighting. When I first started this class I really didn’t think anything of it, I didn’t know anything about photography or pictures but I knew I had to pass this class as a requirement to graduate. Exploring this class I think I enjoyed the idea of photography, I mean I really looked forward to having the freedom to capture anything and everything my digital camera saw. Now we had goals to hit through the lens: shadows, angles, people, lines, photoshopping pictures into something completely different, textures, color, B&W, and moving. I was given a basic Canon camera and I took off. Above are the pictures I captured and although they were basic pictures the beauty behind them really captured my heart. I FELL IN LOVE WITH PHOTOGRAPHY!!! I mean I had no idea what I was doing…I wasn’t thinking about aperture, exposure, focus, timing, or quality. But what I did focus on was the joy that was produced when I captured a photo. I saw myself come alive in these beginning stages of photography and wanted to see where my photography could go if I allowed this joy to grow.


Since that class in 2008, I bought my first camera (a Canon Rebel T6) and I took off taking picture of everything and kind of developing my style. I took multiple classes in college and kind of experimented with multiple styles of photography. And I found, I love landscape and mainly because there is beauty in something that has to respond to the elements of the world. The mountains are my home and I tend to find the best lighting, greenery, and peace in the mountains. But more importantly, I found my photography grow in appreciation for a lens capturing what my eyes can see. HOW COOL!!! Today, I have captured families, weddings, proposals, engagements, landscapes, and motion photography which I’ll share more of that in later blogs. But until that time, share with me your photography journey and if you’ve seen your photo style change or got better with time. I would love to hear about it!

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