Lettuce talk about coffee

It all started with a trip to the PNW…

In 2017, I got on my FIRST PLANE and I took a trip to the Pacific North West for a friend’s birthday weekend and it was the best decision that I’ve ever made! We touched down in Portland, and at the time the people I was with were all baristas in Orange County so they wanted to try all the coffee shops in town. Before this trip, the only time I drank coffee was Folgers from my grandmother’s kettle, so being on this trip I assumed I would be immersed in coffee and that is exactly what happened. We visited about 10 coffee shops including Heart coffee, Stumptown, Compass Coffee Roasting, Five Stones Coffee, and the headquarters of Starbucks. I tried everything related to coffee like drip, cappuccinos, flat whites, pour overs, and espresso. Not gonna lie, I didn’t know what I was tasting but I did understand two things: 1. I was learning about the culture of coffee and 2. my mind was BLOWN by how much money I was spending on coffee and I loved it! For the rest of the trip, we drove around to all the local spots in Portland and Seattle visiting Pike Place, the Needle, Church Home, Multnomah Falls, Voodoo Donuts, and SafeCo Field. I enjoyed everything in the Pacific North West and it holds a special place in my heart every time I visit it. Since this trip in 2017, I LOVE COFFEE, I have gained my own palette for coffee, found the origin of coffee I like and lastly my respect for anyone working in coffee since I now work at a local coffee shop. Now that I have knowledge of the coffee world, I think the PNW has a very interesting take on coffee. They are more for the taste of coffee than the aesthetic of how it looks. And personally, I enjoy that aspect of coffee more than how it looks because it feels genuine and authentic. You tell me..have you visited the PNW and what did you like about it? What style of coffee do you enjoy? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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